Who we are

DUMAS HOLDINGS SDN. BHD (formerly known as PRO SINAR HOLDINGS SDN. BHD.) was incorporated in 1997 by entrepreneurs with expertise & experience in civil engineering works and construction.

Over the three years since inception, the company has successfully complete more than RM20 million worth of project in Malaysia for the Government and private section. These projects include road works, housing development projects, condominium, factory lots, commercial development and infrastructure networks. Our company also takes parts in trading business and registered with Ministry of Finance.

The company’s expertise is well established in Malaysia and recognized by the engineering and construction industry here. We are known for our work quality and our ability to complete project within the agreed time frames and budget.

The company team who is committed to the business and services to customers manages the company. The team consists of managers, who are competent and trained in engineering, project costing, budgeting, tendering processes, purchasing, financial management and project management.

 The opportunities for business are immense in Malaysia, with repaid development taking place toward the country’s 2020 Vision. The country’s road systems are constant being upgraded, the rail infrastructure is under re-development for the next ten years, the ports are expending, there is constant demand for low cost housing and of course the new centre Government at Putrajaya and Cyberjaya will create opportunities for the civil engineering industry for the foreseeable future. Malaysia has recovered from the recent downturn caused by the devaluation of its currency, and will continue to prosper under its strong leadership.

DUMAS HOLDINGS SDN. BHD (formerly known as PRO SINAR HOLDINGS SDN. BHD.) will position itself to participate in these opportunities and progress towards achieving its corporate vision.


Our Experience

Long-established professional firm Dumas Holdings Sdn bhd is another popular employer of civil engineers. Operating in the West Malaysia, Sabah and Sarawak, Dumas Holdings offers its full-service engineering and design and construction expertise to private businesses and public agencies alike. Aside from providing the usual requirements for building construction, the company has experience in special projects like building dams and oil and gas projects.

Operating in various locations of Malaysia, Dumas Holdings delivers top-notch projects ranging from creation of roadways and bridges to construction of commercial buildings and recreation parks to developing and designing clean energy and environmental facilities.

We are a leader of maritime industrial products and service center, we provide provision and maintenance service for MISC, Bintulu Port Sdn Bhd (BPSB) and Samalaju Industrial Port Sdn Bhd (SIPSB). We do believes that we will become a leader of industrial product and service with our experienced partner and teamwork to service the customers in worldwide as follows :

1.    Sale and Marketing Team
To service our customers for information of products, price list, promotion, service or any information for satisfaction. To care and service customer for catalogue, datasheet, and sample of our best products and services. To responsible to plan for sales and marketing.

2.    Customer Support Team
To support the customers for purchase, promotion campaign, solutions, information customer 's demand. To cooperate with technical engineer team to service and care customer in anyway. To plan and follow for sale in order to keep the good relationship with customer.

3.    Technical Engineer Team
To service our customers with experienced for pre-sale, sale and after-sale in cover area in Bintulu. To care and provide the consulting for customer of industrial product and service follow customer 's requirements. To assist customer for products 's usage and maintenance, To provide the new technique and solutions for long-life products duration and so customer trust.

4.    Information Team and Service center
To provide the advantage information to our customer. To care and follow customer 's demand. There are after-sale service for our customer in cover area in Bintulu. We always pay more attention for our customer 's demand and satisfaction with the best , speed , in-time and safety for 24 hours.

5.    Logistics Team
To transport and send products and documents to customer cover area in Bintulu with safely and in-time.