Maritime Industries

We are an active player in maritime industries in past few years. Our activities include designing, operating, supplying, repairing and/or maintaining vessels or component parts.

We have started our new service line in Bintulu port with 3 industrial lot medium sized mechanical engineering workshop in the Bintulu Industry Zone which provides a series of repairing and supplying services to the component part of the vessel, especially the LNG vessel.

Our workshop is divided into several sections like lathing, welding, bending and fitting, cutting and drilling, spraying and general works. All sections are equipped with different high precise and electronic controlled panel to ensure the accuracy of the works. For the material analyzing, we will sent to the laboratory for testing purpose. The machines and facility includes the horizontal and vertical drilling machine, various size of lathe machine, welding set and compressor, shapper, mechanical saw machine and grinding machine.

Our technique team consist of over 5 industrial mechanics specializing in precision engineering and instrumentation together with four trainees preparing precision components – from simple threads to complex system structures.

We also provide the marine industry premium brand products and

first-class after sales service.  As an innovative supply leader, we have developed a reputation for our well-trained employees, efficient safety standards and seamless operations that supply our clients with the best service in the industry.  

Dumas Holdings is your friendly and backup partner to serve you in the emergency and in need.

Our CEO, Dato Captain Khairul is an experienced marine engineering expertise, he plans to provide more speciality services in Bintulu in the coming few years.